Release Date: October 2, 2018

Release Date: October 2, 2018

The Top 100 Military SITES In America. 

Military tourism has become one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry.

Last year more than 40 million Americans visited a military site spending $525 million on admission tickets to one of some 240 military museums and landmark sites. Recognizing the demand, military museums have invested  $400 million in new buildings, another $100 million in interactive exhibits and dioramas.

But where to go? What are these places? Which ones have the plane, ship, or diorama I want to see?

Enthusiastically reviewed, this book is your road map.




FDR and the Tehran Conference. Three years of research using lost diaries and notes give readers a chilling a look behind the scenes of The Tehran Conference. March 2015 from Wiley/Turner.



"In this brief volume, popular military-historian Keeney describes the discussions and negotiations leading up to the D-Day invasion. He focuses on internal disagreements within the American leadership, for example, on whether George Marshall or Dwight Eisenhower would command the invasion forces, and, even more compellingly, on differences between the Big Three—the U.S., England, and the Soviet Union—on how to conduct the war’s endgame. Describing the secret meetings aboard the U.S. battleship Iowa and the elaborate and perilous arrangements resulting in the summit at Tehran, Keeney provides both military and personal insight into FDR, Churchill, and Stalin. He offers abundant evidence of Churchill’s stubbornness in fighting for a second Mediterranean front, even if it were to delay the cross-channel invasion, and presents a convincing and revisionist view of Stalin as a reasonable and even jovial force in the discussions, though in no way minimizing the leadership of FDR and his military leaders. This is solid, revealing, well-researched history of a fascinating and pivotal period in WWII."

— Mark Levine